I suck at writing…

For some people writing comes to them naturally, for some, it comes with smart and hard work of thorough practice over days, weeks or maybe even years. What separates a normal content writer and a person writing at a big corporate firm?
What did they learn in the education that made the differences between the two?

There are times when I start writing at 2 am and sometimes at 9 am. You never know when the creative juices will flow in you. The reason I say I suck at writing is that I write everything in one go. One take is all it is for me. It feels genuine and from the heart.

As far as I can remember, I started posting a lot of my thoughts on Bollywood movies as reviews. I really wrote unbiased and whatever I felt like. Do you ever feel you like a particular series and your friends don’t and has it ever occurred to you why is that?
It is because of the environment you grew up in and kept on learning the lessons as you go on. You would not want to watch the same story twice would you? What would you gain from it? That very last question is the answer to writing. “What would you gain from it?”

There are different types of writing. Let me get a small list out of it.

Do you suck at writing?

People who write content for Social Media. It is the buzzword right now. There are now strategists, content planners, advertisers, keyword research experts, and ghostwriters for Influencers. The need for content writing for Social Media has been so much bigger than ever seen and it will continue to rise and generate massive employment for younger generations. I have seen it first hand myself as many of them turned their hobbies into full-time jobs. It has been nothing but truly amazing to see such changes in the world. A popular example that has set the benchmarks is the power of the social media website Instagram. How it has forced corporations to make it about Personal Branding. Personal Branding is something that everyone should do for themselves to stand out today. Most mentors I have come across have strongly suggested keeping a strong portfolio with a website to stand out from the crowd. Earlier a resume would just do the job. It is by nature, is it not? We have to change with Technology and not blame technology. Things are so wild right now that an Ai can literally write articles that are SEO-optimised. Such an example is Ryter.com, Jaser.ai that the big leading companies use. Does that mean that everyone should jump on the bandwagon? Absolutely not! In my own opinion, an Ai will never replace the words put out in a write-up. Take this article as an example. 🙂

People who do Copywriting. These are the major players in the Industry that specialise in certain niches and domains. Copy Writing is something that came into existence in the hour of need by firms and enterprises. Earlier, Managers were adequate enough to execute the right words for the brand to go on. But now, the scene has completely changed, the younger people have taken over the industry and will continue to do so by all rights. Where there is a motivator like money, you would strive to be better at most of your daily jobs. Make no mistake, Copywriting takes a lot of skill to be executed and I, myself, still am learning about this process and its world.

People who do Freelancing. Freelancing has been around for a long time. It is purely on the skill of the individual that is writing the article. Take me for example, trying out and going out of my way to write a write-up that can at least give one person insight to write every day. Freelance content writers are also in demand because when an Organisation reaches another Organisation it creates a conflict of interest and you can work on it with limited space and time. Meanwhile, in Freelancing, you are the one that decides the working hours and work with the clients accordingly. Such a popular website is Fivvrr.com which has made many freelancers millionaires on their own. I have heard stories where people quit their jobs and turned into freelancers and made it big. Some started working while doing that graduation, some did it for the extra income. If you were to find examples there will be millions of them.

The possibilities in Freelance writing today are endless. Believe it or not, this is my first year as a freelance writer. I was offered before but I didn’t go for it for the lack of belief in myself and I was really studying something else at that point. There are no regrets but something to sum up in the lesson is “Opportunities come to those who are not ready”. A friend of mine is a full-time freelancer, not into writing but someone that does Motion graphics. He started as a writer but branched out in a field of his own interest.

People who do Ghost Writing. Ghost Writing is something that is not talked a lot about. Ghostwriters are writers that write content for other people. These are the talents that are not seen on paper but do the work for you. I remember in my College years, I was asked by some of my friends to tell them captions for their Instagram. It is funny if only I knew what ghostwriting was back then. I have talked with many ghostwriters recently who tell me their stories about their careers. Some of them are writers, helpers who co-write a book but do not get the credit, some write poetry, and some do the songs, there are so many examples.


You might ask where people get income from Writing.
As mentioned before Fivvrr.com, upwork.com, LinkedIn, networking with your friends or friend of a friend, or you can also try Clubhouse where a lot of like-minded people connect. These are the examples I think of right now. While writing a lot of articles. I am sure you might have gotten an insight into how things work while you do the writing.

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